Most Common Problems That B2B Retailers Face (And How to Solve Them)

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Doing B2B business doesn’t involve customers directly rather refers to businesses selling to other buyers. With increasing pace of digitalization, B2B companies need to adjust their business practices to sell products efficiently. Few are some of the challenges B2B retailers face doing e-business or while making shift from their b2c business to B2B.

Flexible pricing
While B2C businesses offer fixed pricing; this is not the case in B2B ecommerce. Product prices varies with the buyers, thus result in price variations of the same item.

Bulk orders

B2B business is large, and so as the B2B orders. Usually, they need to place in large quantity which is not that easy to handle.

Multiple catalogs

Retailers often get overwhelmed while dealing with so many buyers having their own specific demands. How can they bring customization to their offers?


Similar to managing bulk orders, to ship them could be a complicated task. The reason is different buyers may have different shipping logistics.

Software integration
B2B retailers often find challenging to smoothly run their business due to failure to support integration with different systems.

Right B2B Ecommerce Solution Is The Key!

The possible solution for all challenges briefly described above is to choose the right B2B platform. What is B2B platform? It is an online B2B portal that helps manage your business smartly and offer superior order processing experience to buyers. All top B2B platforms have a similar goal – to minimize the human error and to provide more control over your B2B business. Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce are few B2B platform examples.

While considering different options for B2B wholesale platforms, make sure it is capable to offer clear, exact and contract based price adjustments, and deliver what specific buyer wants from your business. Along with it, it should be able to handle large volumes of transactions, in case any large enterprise place orders. In addition, look for the flexible CMS system to personalized promotions and offers. Aside from this, look at how a specific B2B ecommerce solution can integrate seamlessly with other existing platforms.

Since, shipping is an important feature that displays customers about their products and their on-time delivery. To handle shipping complexities, pick among the top B2B platforms to make sure they feature logistics and supply-chain functionalities.


Running a B2B business might sound daunting to many retailers. However, with a right B2B business partner, you can outpace the competitors and satisfy the clients.


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