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A few years ago, many businesses offered online ordering only as an added convenience for its customers. Today, such an option is considered as an absolute necessity and is being used by nearly all stores around the world. With B2B e-commerce growing twice as fast as B2C, it is important to put much focus on how best you can use an ideal B2B platform to meet your client’s needs, that is if you still have not started using one. To help you find the best e-commerce platform, we have developed a checklist of features which can guide you.


It is not a new thing for an out of the box E-commerce platform to instantly meet the different needs of your clients and all your internal processes. Whether you want easily integrate your CRM, automate your marketing plan and if need be, you can add different payment processes and features, you need an open API to add important functionality to your existing e-commerce platform quickly.


A cloud-based platform means that you do not need to worry about how your site is hosted and generally your data infrastructure. This option can easily help your business save a lot of money, especially if you still do not have a secured data infrastructure at hand.

Developer tools

Similar to buying a car, there are many things you might want to look at before making a final decision, and this is the same for e-commerce. Some of the best e-commerce platforms offer a set of developer tools which you can use to make adjustments and in the process, introduce new features which are in line with what your online business does.

B2B friendly

Business buyers are not simply like consumers. Many of them have numerous departments which play a role in each decision, have detailed product specifications and unique delivery methods and most importantly, have specific approval processes. A B2B friendly website will help you manoeuvre these complex buying workflows and in the long run, meet the needs of your customers.

Open Source

Open source platforms allow one to contribute to source code directly and in the process develop new, unique functions. While this option may not be great for developers with no technical background, it might be your best option if your online business has enough development resources and a detailed understanding of different plugins.


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